Oct 12 2010

Countries, OSs and Browsers

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 12:05 am

Back to the series of posts I am writing on WordPress plug-ins that you may want to consider checking out, whether you are writing posts for friends and family to stay in touch, or reviewing local bars. This time I wanted to let you know about a plug-in that checks the details of any person or system that leaves a comment, trackback or ping to one of your posts, and then displays the relevant info next to it. It is called, somewhat non-cryptically, Comment Info Detector, and you can see it in action if you click on any of the posts here that already have a comment published. A flag is used to indicate which country the person came from, and two icons, representing their operating system and the browser used are also displayed. The default settings should be just fine, but you can always tweak the code used to personalise the way the information is displayed. Finally, one option I am happy to see is the uninstall tick box. When selected, all relevant entries are removed from the WordPress MySQL table, meaning no bloat is left behind, should you decide to not use the plug-in anymore.

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