Oct 21 2010

Convervatives Throwing Rocks

Category: VideosChrisM @ 2:18 am

Whilst testing out a new ROM on my phone today, I came across the following video on YouTube. I don’t think C-Span broadcast staged or fake clips, so I’m guessing this was probably the most interesting thing to watch that day if you’re not into politics at all!
If the beginning doesn’t seem at all noteworthy, it is worth sticking through until you see the slimmer guy and a lady who turns out to be his ex. Oh, and if you are offended by strong language, I’d avoid the comments section for this video on YouTube’s site – it seems to be attracting a few trolls. That said, one of the people left the following comment…
” you can throw a rock and hit one, and what ever? you say will make him angry ” (what the ex-girlfriend says at one point)
Of course they are going to be angry, you just hit them with a rock – dsjj251