Dec 12 2008

Con’s Site

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 2:00 am

I was speaking to Con earlier on today when he mentioned he was hoping to get a website up, for his joinery (carpentry? whatever the right term is) work. I explained the basics of what was needed – a basic idea of how the site should look, choosing a name, register it and find somewhere to host the files etc. should soon be hitting your screens (I’ll make the link live once it leads somewhere), if all goes to plan, so if anyone in the South Gloucestershire region is looking for some high quality wood stuff (OK, dovetail joints and chisels were never my forte at school, you may notice), make sure you check back for the site soon.
Until he has enough money generated from the site to cover his costs, I’m hoping to host him on my server, something which we still need to sort for Alex’s blog (Dryad Musings, more on that site later).

(Not a commercial/sponsored post, though if Con wants to buy me a drink for this plug, I’ll not refuse…)