Feb 09 2010

Cleaner And Faster

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:40 pm

Another PC fixed and out the door! Part of the problem with viruses, trojans and other related malware in this country is the lack of awareness when it comes to understanding the need for protection. Luckily, Ira’s Dad’s driver knew that since his daughter’s antivirus software had expired, no new updates would be possible. So he dropped it off with a couple of accessories (a headset and webcam) that weren’t working, and asked if I could sort things out. After a sort out for the computer (cleaning out old and broken references from the registry), I removed the old anitvirus application, and installed a new one. Eleven instances of malware were found and eventually removed, though luckily this didn’t involve anything more involved than repeated scans, attempts at partial removals, and rebooting. The drivers originally installed for the onboard sound weren’t correct, which explained why the microphone sockets weren’t working, and after testing the webcam was happily performing as expected, and a final defrag, we gained a little more space on the computer desk here.

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