Dec 19 2007

Check Your Bank Accounts

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 2:26 am

In case you have been living under a stone in Britain the past month or so, here are a couple of articles (here and here) regarding the disappearance of discs that contained sensitive information (names, DoBs, addresses, NI numbers, and in some cases bank account details) regarding all families that are eligible for Child Benefit over in the UK. This sort of information would be plenty to fraudulently apply for credit cards or even loans in other peoples names. Check the links on the right hand side of both articles for follow up reports, and then for a little light relief, head on over to The Daily Mash’s take on the debacle (with a 419 tie in). Oh, and my thanks to David for letting me know about the Daily Mash site, good articles to be found there 🙂

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