Jun 01 2007


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Cell – Stephen King

OK, I may just be in a bad mood as I write this review, but I did find this book formulaic, especially compared to The Mist (see the next book review). That said I still would have read it if I’d known the style used, just with lesser expectations perhaps.
I found myself questioning some of the technological plot devices in this story a little too often, and also felt the zombie descriptive scenes were a little tired. A quick summary is that a signal is sent out over the mobile phone networks (cell=mobile phone for any non-native readers persevering this far ;> ). The signal severely effects the brains of anyone using their phone at the time of these transmissions.
The scenes that involved people jumping from hotel windows on non-ground floors did seem a little too transparent in their reference to the sad events around the WTC almost 6 years ago now, though I suppose that is simply a lazy connection to make on my part.
Eventually the brutal zombie like pulse-effected humans curtail their random violent out-bursts, and appear to all follow one goal, somewhat like the Borg in StarTrek:TNG. The zombies start to display mild psychic powers, and eventually invade the relative safety of our hero’s dreams. I did like the ending of the book… Why? Read it and find out…

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