Apr 08 2011

Can’t Find The University ?!?

Category: KazakhstanChrisM @ 3:06 am

Whilst searching for references to Astana and Kazakhstan in twitter last week, I came across some who had problems finding Nazarbayev University’s official website. The first problem was that he had spelled the president’s name with a W at the end, instead of a V. I’m assuming he picked up the surname from a Polish or German newspaper article. Anyway he noticed that, even with the correct spelling, the university wasn’t on the first page of Google results. I replied explaining that SEO really wasn’t considered very often over here in Kazakhstan, and even when it was, Cyrillic characters and Yandex.ru would be more likely to be concentrated on, instead of Latin letters and Google. Anyway, I let him know that this was the English version of their website, and that searching on Yandex might return better quality results next time.