Jan 17 2009

Busy Saturday

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 9:48 pm

Busy day so far, as there have been lots of little things here and there to sort – finally received an Orange 3G SIM card for my phone today, so been trying to test speed improvement over the old EDGE/GPRS connection. The aerial guys (Hayden Communications) came and fitted an aerial, amp and wiring fitted for the house, so can get freeview in each room, and have Sky piped upstairs to the older TVs. Finished off recovering and reinstalling Kevin’s PC – put Windows Vista Ultimate on after recovering his data, and another one that is taking a while this evening is sorting Dave’s laptop. Another case of recovering data (this time through a Knoppix Live CD), wiping drives completely and then reinstalling the OS. Certainly a lot easier once you have network connectivity and can just access keyboard, mouse and display via LogMeIn. Thanks to Oleg once more for the heads up on their free service.
Anyway, hopefully all will be sorted on Dave’s laptop, or at least stable and able of carrying out the basic computing functions.

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