Oct 16 2008

Bruising Season Already?

Category: WeatherChrisM @ 5:19 am

Just took a break from posting by have a cigarette on the balcony. Mixed in with the usual array of speeding cars, people who don’t seem to mind driving with just one headlight barely working, and quite a few with no rear lights at all, I saw our old friends the gritter convoy. Spread out in a diagonal line that just overlaps the three lanes in either direction, they usually appear when the snow is on its way. Yippee, lovely snow, beautiful trees and entirely new landscapes are visible out the window, with all the familiar landmarks taking on a new appearance, covered in a crisp white layer. Alternatively, the pessimistic side of me thinks about all the frozen pavements, motorists sometimes unable to stop at pedestrian crossings, even if they want to, and bruised bums from landing oh so elequantly after a dainty pirouette after finding the hidden black ice patches. Whether we will actually see snow so soon remains to be seen.