May 07 2007

Brits Getting Raw Deal With Cars

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 9:23 pm

According to an article on ThisIsLondon’s site, motorists in Britain are near the bottom of the pile, when it comes to anti-skid technology in cars they buy – both as standard kit, and even just as an available ‘extra’.

I’ve only ever had a few accidents at over 5mph, but I certainly wish I could have had a little artificial help when I have hit other objects in the wet or at high speed. I’m still amazed Seb & Con were happy driving with me after a little prang with a car near a petrol station. Better than walking back to Cirencester I guess ;-P

Anyway, it turns out car buyers in Eastern Europe & Scandinavian countries are finding the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) equipment is fitted as standard a lot more frequently than us un-lucky Brits…

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