Apr 20 2008

Books Than Will Kill Your Brain

Category: Books,In The MediaChrisM @ 1:03 pm

Reading does, in general, expand your mind, help you to think in new directions, and even relax you after a stressful day.
Cracked has listed five books that maybe should not have ever made it past their draft version, and will most probably not push your brain to a higher plane of consciousness…
In case you need tempting to click on over to the article, here is the list of titles described…

    Much Ado About Nothing: The Restored Klingon Text
    Winning Lotto/Lottery for Everyday Players, 3rd edition(!)
    How to Solve Sudoku: A Step-by-Step Guide (52 Brilliant Ideas)
    Supercharging Quantum-Touch
    More Joy … : An Advanced Guide to Solo Sex

With such quality titles, how can you not go and read more about them?

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