Jul 25 2008

Bloggerwave Issues Once More

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:00 pm

As you may remember from my last mention of Bloggerwave, they were a little behind in keeping up with their payments. They managed to pay $60 of the $70 that was owed. As the other $10 is from late last year, and I’ve not received any response from them at all, I’ll not be holding my breath.

However, moving onto new issues, bloggers who visit the Bloggerwave site in a FireFox browser will find they are unable to select and therefore copy the image url required for each task. You can either switch to Internet Explorer, or save the page, and open it up in Dreamweaver/FrontPage/Notepad to extract the requried information. A more fundamental error in their system however is found when new bloggers register with their system. When you try to accept a new task, the screen you are taken to does not display any information at all. IF you already have previous tasks completed in their system, this problem does not arise, however as all new members will obviously not have any tasks already in the system, you hit a brick wall. I’ve sent the company another message (after testing the issue with a friend who had just signed up), but their past history of communications makes me believe that the best I can hope for is for the issue to be silently fixed at some point.

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