May 04 2011

Birthday Post

Category: Anna's Photos,Eating Out,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 12:07 pm

As referred to in a recent comment, I appreciate that this blog has been left a little messy since my birthday. What with lots of individual tweets, and no linked media embedded, the page looks a little bare right now.
I’m going to condense a few tweets into summary posts, then get back to posting Anna’s photo and videos.

What seems to be becoming a birthday tradition is Ira, Anna, Ira’s Mum and me all heading down to the local TGI Friday on the eve of my birthday. There is a lot of choice here in Astana for nice restaurants, however the burgers, garnishes and cocktails seem to keep me coming back for more, even if it is only an annual event.
The first thing I noticed was that the TGIF staff training (or perhaps it is just as simple as hiring different/extra staff) seems to have improved their customer service skills exponentially since last year. Without being too sycophantic or constantly hovering near our table, our waiter was eager to answer all questions, spoke some English, and even ran down the road to a local shop to grab me some cigarettes when I discovered the restaurant didn’t sell them!
I unfortunately was too distracted by the tastes to take a photo of the starters, but I managed to snap the other courses – see below. TGIF is obviously still quite pricey compared to some places, but I’d definitely classify it as a nice treat when you can afford/justify it.