Sep 19 2007

BG Energy Challenge 2007 (Kazakhstan)

Category: Friends,In The Media,Kazakhstan,VideosChrisM @ 2:21 pm

I’ll not post her name until I know whether she minds, but one of Irina’s friends at work recently took part in the BG (the newer name of British Gas) Energy Challenge 2007, here in Kazakhstan. Last night Khabar had a short piece on the event in their news bulletin, so I have uploaded it to YouTube, and embedded it here. The audio is in Russian, though the video is mostly self explanatory. There are rumours that some participants took this very seriously, and tried to ensure only seriously sporty types joined the teams. Others appeared to have taken a slightly more laid back approach 😉 I have also burnt the movie to a miniDVD, as well as the original raw footage to a separate disc for her. Just in case her work PC can not handle it, I decided to embed it in this post as well. My congratulations to all who took part this year.

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