Dec 29 2008

Betwixt Xmas And New Year

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 10:33 pm

So here we are at that time of year where people often seem to need a few days recovering from the Christmas celebrations to prepare for New Year. Life has carried on as normal here we saw Dad a couple of times before Christmas – Nick was over here in Clydach with his girlfriend, and then returned to her Mother’s for Christmas Day itself. The first time, I believe, he hasn’t been with us. We had a great day despite his absence, with the usual leisurely pace being taken. Dessert was finished by evening though, so compared to years gone past, we did well. I hope to add a few more photos to the blog later, as John has been taking some shots of us in his studio. Other than that, yes I still owe you readers a Jimi wallet and phone holder review. (Short version is the Jimi is great, and the cradle mostly fine).

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