Oct 26 2006

BBC World Report On the Borat film

Category: In The Media,Kazakhstan,Personal,VideosChrisM @ 11:02 am

This is a little video clip surrounding the London premiere of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

The audio isn’t perfect, as I had to raise the volume a little post-production, sorry. A reminder again, that FireFox users may experience a lack of audio/video synchronisation. Try viewing it in Internet Explorer for now.

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EDIT : If you find the first link to the video doesn’t work, please try This one instead. Thanks

EDIT2 : Wow, this page (well the alternative link for the vid) has suddenly eaten nearly all of my hosting bandwidth available for the rest of the month, so for now, it is the first link only. Leave a comment if people find problems with the first link, and I’ll try uploading it to youtube or something.

EDIT3 : Many months later I remembered to upload this to YouTube, so watch it all you like…

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