Oct 28 2009

Astana Guide Finished

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:15 pm

So I finally finished the guide to Astana today. We didn’t manage to complete the proof reading process before the electricity supply was placed in jeopardy, and as the modem/router here isn’t yet plugged into the UPS, I decided to send the relocation company all the text/links as they were. I’ve included lots of information, but don’t want to post specifics until I know that their client is happy with the project. Things like considering late evening invites for a meal as not unusual, if your Kazakh host is fasting during daylight hours for religious purposes, and which restaurants to try and grab a bite to eat in feature though, as well as a few maps and photos of Astana. I now need to wait and see if the guide meets with approval. Fingers crossed…