Apr 26 2010

Anna’s Birthday Presents

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 10:11 pm

I won’t be posting any photos today, as the hard drive is back at home, and we’re still with Irina’s parents. Both Anna and Irina has picked up some sort of lurgy, and so rather than transport Anna home whilst not 100% (and risk up chuck on the car seats), we are staying a little while longer than usual. So if you have sent me a skype message/left a voicemail on the landline, either call me on the mobile if it is urgent, or wait until we get back home.

Anyway, back to this post… The videos were shot on the 21st of February, meaning we’re still on Anna’s first birthday. This set of videos were shot when Anna was opening her presents. This was her first time ripping the paper herself, and it took a while to get through them all. There are a lot more videos of that morning, but I’ve just tried to pick the ones that stood out for one reason or another…

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