Mar 27 2009

Anna’s Adopted Tree And Torchwood

Category: Anna's Photos,PersonalChrisM @ 6:15 pm

Dad came over again to see Anna on the 27th March, and we went to pick a tree in a newly planted forest-to-be that Anna’s Great Aunty Chris (on Dad’s side) had adopted on her behalf. After we all managed to meet up (which reminds me, I still need to find a good recommendation for a GPS unit for Dad), we took Anna’s pushchair off the beaten track for the first time, and found the saplings (is that the right term? Baby trees basically). Having marked off the exact point on TomTom, we took a few photos, went for a walk around the countryside in that area, and then went off to find a nice place to have a pub lunch. After that we headed into Cardiff, as despite family living there, Irina and I hadn’t been around the city at all, and I’d not been to the bay area at all since it has been redeveloped. Once there, we had to take the obligatory photos next to one of the fictional entrances to the Torchwood Institute, went for another wander, then had a nice drink by the sea.
In years to come, I hope we can take Anna back to the forest, and show her the tree slowly maturing into a unique feature, just as she will 🙂

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