May 13 2009

Anna Typing

Category: Anna's Photos,PersonalChrisM @ 1:18 am

Irina has just seen the last two posts, and has commented once more that the photos are still old. True, however I do not want to skip out on most of the photos, and as I try to catch up, we WILL eventually soon get to the point where the day we take a new photo of Anna, it can be published, rather than just added to the backlog.
Now if only Anna could help me out by writing some of these posts herself. Touch typing would be a bonus obviously, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too early…

Anna Helping John Type

Anna Helping John Type

Ooops, forgot to mention this photo was also taken on the 13th May. For anyone who hasn’t been reading all the Anna Photo posts, I’m trying to include the date each photo was actually taken, rather than only have the date the post was published. Once we’re back to real time photo publishing, I may go and alter the post’s dates to reflect the photo date, as I want to integrate/import them to Anna’s site.

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