Oct 12 2010

Anna Tidying Up

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 12:10 pm

The 30th of March saw all three of us back in Kazakhstan already, and here you can see Anna hard at work helping to tidy up the in-laws’ living room. To be fair, despite her love of shiny things that make noises, she hasn’t yet damaged a mobile phone (that we have noticed at least), and tries to pass us the telephone if it is ringing. Using speakerphone mode normally results in Anna sitting and listening attentively to the person at the other end of the line, or her wandering around the room chattering away to the person on the phone. However, this familiarity with telecommunication devices does have drawbacks – yesterday I found one of our cordless phones still connected to a call (well error tone in this case) nearly two hours after had snuck off and dialled some numbers on it.

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