Jun 19 2008

An Aussie, Two Brits And Some Bangers…

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 12:44 am

If all goes to plan, then this evening I’ll be enjoying some proper British sausages with ChrisK and Dave. Unless they get called away to last minute meetings, then I’ll be deep frying some chips, breaking out the baked beans, and whipping up some Angel Delight for dessert (thanks to Assel there – your gifts have lasted a long time!)
However, said sausages came from the UK in ChrisK’s luggage, so I think we’ll need to bake them nice and long in the oven, and wash them down with plenty of vodka, just to make sure we kill off any bacteria that formed during the plane journey 🙂 If we were actually in Britain, I’d laugh at the prospect of eating them, but sadly you can’t get ‘proper’ sausages over here, so sod it!

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