Jun 20 2009

Amsterdam 2007 Photos – Finally

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OK, the 2008 Amsterdam picture series was started back on 10th February this year, just 11 days before Anna was born. Here, finally are the 2007 photos, from my previous trip to Amsterdam. This time Irina did not come, but AlexC and ChrisD met up with me there, and we shared an apartment for four days (21/9/2007 – 24/9/2007).

I’ve checked Lemming was fine with his mug up in public in the 2008 series of pictures, and I’ve blurred anyone else who looked like they might want it. Though in these 2007 pictures, I’m only aware of one person from the forums being involved.

21st April

Stix near our apartment. 1st visit I think of the trip. We have our friend Chris on the left, AlexC on the right, me hiding behind, and a random local behind:) I’ve checked, and any photos presented on the front page, as opposed to behind a ‘click here to read more’ type link, will not be displaying any Dutch herbs, as I don’t want to put off advertisers.

Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007

The two below are the scene outside the entrance to our apartment. It belonged to Hotel Amstelzicht, just down the road. Yes, I got a bit distracted in Photoshop when I returned, and had a go at making these two shots a little different to the normal point’n’click affairs presented on this blog.
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007

Right, thats your lot for now, I’ve no idea whether these posts will total a series of 13 again, I need to try and keep load times down on the front page for this blog, as Bluehost seem to be having another go-slow on my server 🙁

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