Jul 08 2009

Amsterdam 2007 Photos #9

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Finally, we have a last shot of Cocos, and a pure pre-roll of something from somewhere. I’m hoping to eventually find my notes from the trip, and I’ll then be able to change vague descriptions like that to something a little more specific.
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007
Shock, horror, something schmokable in the next picture, so….

Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007

Just a quick question, is everyone happy with that level of anonymity? Over the two series of Amsterdam photos, I’ve blanked anyone’s face who might want it. I could have caught someone on the streets/parks randomly who didn’t want to posted online, but as its al fresco, if there wasn’t a street girl on one hand, and a 3′ long spliff in the other, I’ve left faces unmasked. If anyone wants their body hidden as well/mask removed, do just ask.

The flat from 2007 was Hotel Amstelzicht’s (see the bottom of their page). It was not part of the same building, and the hotel’s WiFi only went as far as the balcony, at least on my phone’s little WiFi antenna. No affiliate link there or anything, just wanted to save you the bother of googling it.

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