Jul 03 2011

All Work And No Play Makes…

Category: Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 12:02 pm

Today is a lazy day… A Baby Einstein DVD put on for Anna, who is sitting watching it still in her nightie. This weekend has been sort of cancelled as the ever generous government has “given” us all Monday and Tuesday off. This is because it is the President’s birthday Astana Day on Wednesday, and they want people to associate the celebration of another year for the leader of this nation keeping his cast-iron grip on power Astana being the capital city of Kazakhstan with good memories. To ensure that not a second’s worth of work hours are lost from the year however, this working week has been 7 days long. Poor old Irina has been stuck in the office all weekend, and Anna is probably getting a little bored of Daddy looking after her.
I have heard that some companies are not observing the weekend of work/Monday and Tuesday holiday pre-Astana Day, and also that a few didn’t decide whether people should be in work on Saturday and Sunday until last minute on Friday late afternoon!