May 06 2011

Ali BaBa With Aidan And Anna

Category: Anna's Photos,Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 1:44 pm

Still on the 15th of May 2010, we have a meeting between Aidan (DanC’s son) and Anna. Their date was at Ali BaBa (see 12 posts ago), which coincidentally meant their parents and Walton could grab a bite to eat and a drink or three. Actually, remembering back almost a year ago, I think Buddy Bears came after meeting up at Ali BaBa, but I can hope you can forgive me a few hours discrepancy with Anna’s pictures? Anyway, we grabbed on of the comfy side tables where you can sit on cushions and Anna and Aidan could lie down and nap if they wanted (ha ha ha, obviously didn’t happen, but it was good to have the option there 🙂 ).