May 09 2007

Alan Johnston Kidnappers Make Their Demands

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 8:38 pm

In what is believed to be the kidnappers first public demands, if they actually are the group responsible for abducting Alan Johnston, the ‘Army of Islam’ has released a video stating that he will not be released until the British Government releases Palestinian prisoners, inparticular Sheikh Abu Qatada from jail.
It had previously been widely rumoured, though not publicly stated, that the people who kidnapped him were an influential family with criminal ties in Palestine, who were looking for more political sway in the region. Currently, it is not known whether this tape indicates the previous rumours were incorrect, if Alan has been passed from the family to a more militant group or whether the tape is in fact genuine at all – the only ‘fresh’ evidence to support their claims is a photo of Alan’s BBC ID card.
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