Aug 12 2007

ActiveSync Woes Have Ended

Category: Personal,Windows MobileChrisM @ 2:52 am

Today was a good day for sorting out the various technical issues that have ganged up on this poor PC, this week just ending. ActiveSync now works again, meaning I do not have to re-type all the events on our calendar, nor re-enter all the contact details for friends and family (Most of that data was lost when my hard drive went belly up). I had spent a while trying to resolve the issue, and eventually came across point 17 at this page on ActiveSync 4.x Troubleshooting. The problem beforehand was that ActiveSync refused to sync with the PDA or either SmartPhone, and the UI itself gave an error message referring to MAPI32.DLL. Other sites suggested fixes, though none worked, especially as I was unable to install ActiveSync4.5 to attempt to downgrade or reinstall it. Anyway, if you ever have the same problems, do check the site out. NOT a sponsored post, just hope that someone finds the info as useful as I did today.

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