Jun 11 2008

1801 and 48395?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:11 am

Not just two seemingly random numbers, but in fact related to this blog.
Since 13th July 2006, I have published 1800 posts (well 1801 by the time I hit ‘Publish’ on this one) on this site. That works out at 2.58 posts per day. Obviously sometimes weeks have gone by when I’ve not been at the keyboard, and other times I have been catching up with everything I’ve avoided for whatever reason, and twenty or so got published.
I was originally hoping to hit 50,000 visits over the last couple of years, but with 33 days to go, and the current total standing at 48395 (working out at just under 70 visits per day), I still need another 1605 visits.