Apr 13 2011

Hide, Seek And Pass

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 3:09 pm

Continuing the theme of catching up with Anna’s picture and videos, here we have a couple of clips, taken on the same day as the last post’s pictures (24th April 2010). To any new-ish (well almost six months have passed since Anna’s media uploads) readers, I try and include the original date the pictures and movies were taken, as these posts are automatically imported over at Anna Merriman’s blog, and at some point I want to alter the posts’ dates to reflect the date in the picture/video, not when I actually got around to publishing them. I also need to go and manually embed about a year’s worth of video on her site, as the auto-import function doesn’t pick the videos up properly.

The first clip is of Anna playing hide and seek (and testing her walking skills a little) in the corridor outside the in-laws’ kitchen…

Once again practising balance and carrying an object, Anna helps Ira in the garden here.