May 06 2007

Zen in the Art of Writing

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Zen in the Art of Writing – Ray Douglas Bradbury

If you’ve read either of the two Bradbury books that I’ve mentioned, or you are considering becoming a writer yourself, this book may well interest you.
The subject of writing is analysed (as well as a fair amount of self-aggrandising) and covered quite well. He makes mention of quite a few of his previous books, and just how he managed to write them, dealing with the typical gamut of writers problem – mental blocks & lack of faith in one’s self.
If you’re not interested in writing or didn’t like his books, you can safely give this one a miss.

For any readers who’ve come across this blog recently, this is an entry reviewing one of the books that I’ve read since coming to Kazakhstan, if you’re interested, you can see a list of the recent ones here:

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