Jun 07 2007

Yin Yan

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 9:12 pm

Back when I was at school, I had a tattoo of a yin yan done on my left arm, at the top. I went with Miriam during a couple of lunch breaks, to a local tattoo artist, who worked from his garden shed! I thought about whether to have it done or not for a year – I didn’t want it to be a spur of the moment thing, something that I would regret in years to come.
Having said that, it would have been better to go to a proper ship – the red sections look a little amateurish, and he did not seem to take into account that although the circle was the right shape when my arm was raised for the procedure, it does not stay that was when my arm is by my side. Since that time, I have looked at quite a few tattoo designs, as I still want one more done some time. This one has been planned for some seven years now, so I think I have given enough time for the idea to go away. There is just the small matter of my phobia of needles to overcome now 🙂