Mar 05 2008

XKCD Again

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You may remember that Oleg directed me to XKCD some time back, and I posted a few of the images. Well I took a look at the more recent strips, and wanted to post a couple. Click the ‘Continue Reading’ link to see the rest.

This first one is for Irina, and her patience with me 🙂

Success XKCD

For the strips that get a little cut off by the columns at this blog, I’ve linked them to the image itself, so it will open without clutter…

Duty Calls XKCD

Dangers XKCD

Christmas Back Home XKCD

Nerd Sniping XKCD

Making Rules XKCD

There are a few of the strips I’d really love as a hoody or t-shirt, but sadly they’re not in his shop yet. I hadn’t realised just how popular the comic strip was already, but ended up googling for mentions of the site, and there were more than a million!
Anyway, love the artwork and thought behind each strip, it is so good to know that there are other weirdos out there who find and analyse unusual patterns in every day life, where most people would just stare at you and wonder what the fcuk your brain is doing thinking about that…

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