Nov 21 2010

WTF 2 Music Video

Category: VideosChrisM @ 1:15 am

Just a quick post with the video to Jon Lajoie’s “WTF Collective 2”. It contains a little bit of NSFW language, but if you’re using headphones or have the speakers turned down reasonably low, you should be fine. It is worth searching for other videos by Jon Lajoie, though other tracks fear a higher percentage of not suitable for work lyrics.

By the way you may have noticed this blog is still unavailable sometimes. Since the 16th the server this blog is hosted on has been the target of a DDoS attack. Bluehost aren’t able to move me to a different box, nor have their actions so far resulted in the attack being stopped. Basically, if you see this site down, try again a bit later and it should be OK.

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