Jun 23 2007

Words Which Annoy

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 10:22 am

Recently, a poll that has been published by a research group (YouGov) in Britain, has announced that podcast, blog, and wiki are amongst the most frustrating words to have emerged from the Internet!

A lot of these words leave me wondering just why they apparently annoy so many, however, number #2 on the list is blogosphere, which I find is particularly over used, so perhaps it is just that different people have different triggers? Next in the list were blog and netiquette neither of which leave me shaking with frustration, so I am beginning to wonder just how many of the 2000 odd people surveyed chose the top 5 in their list, or whether there were so many contenders for the competition, word-wise, that any one particular word or phrase could score highly, in terms of annoyance, with a relatively small number of votes. If anyone has found the raw figures for this sort of data, please do leave a comment…

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