Nov 06 2010

WordPress Plug-In Reviews Finished

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 12:16 am

So, now that I have completed the list of plug-ins that I’d recommend you check out, I thought I should probably mention how to install them. Most of them can be downloaded from the author’s site, extracted, then uploaded to your blog’s /wp-content/plug-ins/ folder. However, since WordPress now has a plug-in finder and installer routine built in, you’ll could just click on the Plugins menu option in the dashboard. From here, click the Add New link, and then in the search box, type in the name of the plug-in, and then click the Search Plugins button. From there, either click the Install Now option, or Details, if you would prefer to check it out a little further before committing to trying it out. Assuming the installation reports back as successful, all you need to do is now click the activate plugin link, and probably check the newly created settings page for it. You may need to use your head a little to find the settings page – if there isn’t one directly under the Settings area (and you’re sure it was installed OK), try checking the Appearance, Widget page. (Some plugins don’t even have a settings page, they’re either off or on).