Jan 18 2010

WordPress Gallery MIA – Sometimes

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 11:45 pm

Am I really the only person having problems with WordPress’ gallery function? Since around v2.5, when I upload a batch of photos, add the captions etc, and save changes, around one in three times, no gallery link appears at the top, between From URL and Media Library. The last post had this happen, and after waiting 19 minutes, it suddenly appeared when I rechecked again. This gap in time makes me think that maybe there is some sort of processing problem, and that my host was throttling me, however a quick check in CPanel reports that

No CPU limiting factors (throttling) have been placed on your account in the past 24 hours

So, where to go from here? Carry on ignoring it, swearing occasionally at the randomness of this? I could try checking out the plugins currently active, slimming down the code in use to achieve a slimmer site. However, this testing will be made a little more difficult, or at least long winded, as the gallery link appearing (meaning the photos uploaded have been successfully assigned to the particular post concerned) often does work. So if I simply disable on plugin at a time, I could easily arrive at a false positive and assume one plugin the culprit, whereas the site was just behaving as expected somewhat randomly for a while.
I think this will end up being added to the long term To Do list for ChrisMerriman.com , along with sorting out the character encoding used in the SQL tables – the issue that prevents Cyrillic characters from being displayed.

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