Jul 16 2008

WordPress 2.6

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So, just a few months after WordPress 2.5 was released, we now have 2.6! I checked this version on this blog’s little brother (test.chrismerriman.com), making sure there were no repeats of the problems encountered with 2.5 and 2.5.1 last time around. No immediate issues to be found, so I’ve updated 19 sites in very little time (mainly thanks to the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plug in).
One quick thing I’ve noticed so far… the word count feature does not seem to stay perfectly ‘live’. So if you’ve typed out a long post, and the word count is still 0, you probably haven’t started a new paragraph (this seems to trigger an update). Try pressing Enter and then deleting the new para if necessary.
I’ll now not need to worry about installing the Firefox add-on I previously used the next time I do a new install. Also this word count does not take into account the amount of words in the Title box, so that’s an improvement.

Watch the video below for more information on the changes that can be found with WordPress 2.6…

I’ve just noticed my comment feed is now working again! I first noticed it wasn’t functioning a couple of months ago, and just assumed it was a configuration issue with feedburner. Since upgrading to WP2.6, all seems well again 🙂

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