Oct 11 2009

Winter Is Approaching

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 9:04 pm

At least that is the reason given given by my wife’s parents for attempting to persuade me to clear the tea time table of the potatoes and meat. Now if I was out working all day with my hands (stop guffawing those who know me), or I was perhaps all skinny and bony, I could empathise with their concern. However, apart from week time walks in the park with Anna, I don’t tend to use up a lot of energy really, so I’m sure this well intended attempt to feed me up is not 🙂 The vodka however is a different story – they bought back a bottle of Absolut vodka (which costs a silly amount over here in Kazakhstan) back from their holiday in Turkey. Even better, it was the raspberry flavoured variety – only pipped at the post by the (black?)currant variety. This bottle has magically been disappearing quite quickly over the weekend. Even Irina’s Dad (normally a brandy man) has been sampling it!

Absolut Raspberry Raspberri

There see, just add some fruit in the picture, et voilà, it looks so much healthier!

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