Apr 20 2011

Windy Hat Removal

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 7:06 am

OK, I’ve found and properly named all the videos from the 8th of May 2010, as promised. We’re still in the back garden in Chubary, and Anna has her pretty rainbow coloured dress on. (I’m thinking by the time I catch up with all of Anna’s photos and videos, I may just be able to immediately call a dress a dress, and a skirt a skirt. Mental block I’ve always had for some reason!)

Recognizing which tree is called what. Better than her Daddy already 🙂 Also able to navigate large gaps between paving slabs (better than her Daddy after a few drinks). Not yet certain of what counts as edible fruit, and what is dead plant stuff on the floor (ha, I’m not obsolete just yet!)

Next we have Anna searching for something. Not sure if even she knows what she wants.

Stari babushka (“old” babushka, ie Ira’s grandma) pointing out that Anna’s hat is no longer on her head…