Aug 29 2007

Will Dig For Cash…

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 3:59 am

Manchester Police, tipped of by some builders have discovered a tunnel that had been dug in an effort to steal an ATM machine! The 40 foot tunnel was 2/3 complete, and was a professional job. The tunnel itself was properly shored up with scaffolding poles, had AC power to provide some lighting, and had proper fresh air pumped in. The entrance to the tunnel was hidden on a railway embankment, and if the builders on a nearby site had not discovered it whilst digging to lay electricity cables, it is quite likely the heist would have succeeded. Although stealing is pretty obviously bad, this sounds more like a Hollywood script than a real life occurrence. Police were unsure just how the soil was removed from the area without attracting attention; perhaps the thieves took a line out of the Great Escape film, and filled their trouser pockets daily 😉

Tunneling For Money

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