Aug 15 2007

Why Use YouTube For My Videos?

Category: Kazakhstan,Personal,VideosChrisM @ 1:38 pm

I noticed my latest upload to YouTube (see here) received a comment – “why did? u post this?”

I tried to answer within YouTube’s comment system, but my response was more than the maximum 500 characters allowed. So, I’ve pointed ‘snipermant’ in the direction of the post instead.

“I’m assuming that is a genuine question?

The reason for that video being uploaded is as follows :-

I was born in Britain and lived there for 27 years.
I now live in Kazakhstan. My blog (the clue is in my user name ;] is on life in Kazakhstan.)
When I find a reference to Kazakhstan in the media, especially one that ISN’T connected to the Borat character, I post it on my blog.
Rather than upload the video to my server directly, I upload them to YouTube, and then embed the video in a post. For example, if you click the Links: 2 just below the video at YouTube, you can see it is embedded in post 1441 .
I hope that answers your question.

If however you simply asked because you expected to find a funny clip, and want to complain (I’ve checked your previous comments on other videos, and I’m starting to think this is perhaps the more likely situation), please ignore the polite explanation above, and substitute it for this version :-
Because I wanted to…”

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