Dec 14 2009

Why Are We Waiting?

Category: KazakhstanChrisM @ 6:07 am

So, Astikzhan’s shopping home delivery service still isn’t available. Irina has most of an order ready to go on their system, which was originally supposed to go live mid-November, but eventually found an entry on their site explaining that they were still working on a few problems. With Gros now (finally) restocking their stores (the rumour I attempted to start re. shutting down was indeed premature – a new boss decided that new lines of stock should be tried, so they were just using up old stock), and Metro (a cash’n’carry/hypermarket type shop recently opened in Astana that have a lot of bulk packets of items. Like Milky Ways and other goodies in boxes with built-in cardboard displays ready for smaller shops to sell from), I’m hoping Astikzhan get going soon for their own sake. If anyone in Astana reading this tries out Astikzhan’s service before we notice it is online, could they leave a comment please?

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