May 05 2011

When Flowers Are Needed…

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:16 pm

The right way to say sorry to someone (normally a woman)… is to arrange to send tulips to their workplace or home address, followed up by a meal at a nice restaurant and a lovely walk in the moonlight.

The wrong way (that made me laugh, quickly check Irina was asleep, then laugh again 🙂 )…

Bill Me!

Why am I posting this picture? Because I have a LOT of items I’ve saved in Google Reader. This one was meant for a British friend on facebook, but I’ve forgotten who. However, it made me guiltily laugh enough that I couldn’t just dump if from my “unread” items without using it somewhere.
To anyone I know who finds it offensive… It is a joke!
Does anyone know why the man looks a bit like he is wearing a Star Trek (original series obviously) top?