Jan 16 2011

Wheeling Around

Category: VideosChrisM @ 4:33 am

OK, clearing out the last of my bookmarked failblog pages here, we have a truck that suddenly appears to be on free wheeling casters rather than normal tyres. I’m guessing slippery conditions would have been an understatement when describing the road conditions that day. The reactions of the driver heading towards the lorry are pretty impressive, I’m really not sure I could have kept my cool at that point.
By the way, there is a slightly longer than normal build up to the actual incident in this YouTube video, so do hang on in there – you’ll definitely know when the incident occurs!
From now on I’ll be posting pictures of Anna, trying to complete the Windows Mobile software review series and clearing out a few tweets I’ve favourited over the last few months as a reminder to write something about them. If we just had 36 hours in a day, I’m sure I’d catch up in no time!