Oct 31 2008

Whats That New Picture In The Sidebar?

Category: Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 3:08 pm

Someone mailed and asked me about my EntreCard image (see below and in the 1st sidebar). When we first moved here, we picked up a multi-function device, and to test out the scanner I decided to hover my face above the scanner, shut my eyes and see what would happen. Similar to what Yan Chee Yu was forced into all those years ago 🙂 Anyway, thats the base of the image, with a gradient applied that starts off with a European skin moving to a Kazakh skin tone. Obviously the whole image was then lightened a little bit more. The flags should hopefully speak for themselves, and the wavy text with ‘I Never Could Get The Hang Of Thursdays’ was placed because it was the first proper tagline this site had a couple of years ago (borrowed from Douglas Adams (the tagline, not the site 😉 )). Since then I’ve moved to an auto-rotating tagline system, but as the EntreCard image has to be a static file, an animated GIF was out of the question, would have been huge (file size wise) had it contained all currently active taglines, and would have been too much work 😮 .

Entrecard ChrisMerrimanom

Ooops, just noticed I decided to upload the previous image to the site, before I added the tagline. Never mind.

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