Feb 10 2009

Whats Going On?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:29 pm

OK, first of all, this particular post will be stuck to the front page, to explain to anyone who hasn’t visited in a while where all the normal posts have gone.
If you see a post in the Tweets category, this is a very short update on what is happening right now. 140 characters is the limit, but it is easier to post to this blog in that manner, especially as we will be driving about from house to hospital to doctors to midwives a lot.
When I have the time, a ‘normal’ post like this will be published from a proper PC, but I wanted to keep friends and family updated as close as possible to real-time when our little daughter starts to begin her first days in this world. Today is the 10th February. The posts below may well contain updated information written after this post, so please scroll down, and as ever, don’t forget the Previous Entries link, which is just like turning to page 2 of a book. Apologies if that analogy comes across as patronising, it is just that I still hear from a few friends that complain when a post gets pushed off the front page too quickly for them to get around to reading it 🙂