Jun 25 2008

.WhateverYouLike ?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 1:48 am

According to a BBC report, ICANN is considering relaxing current restrictions on top level domain names (.com, .kz, .org etc.). Right now, apart from country’s own domains (.ru, .uk, .it et al), there are very few alternatives that companies can use. Some small countries have effectively rented out the right to use their extension (for example, I used to run a site using a .TK domain), and recently we had .info added (tip for new website owners, unless you REALLY can’t find the domain name you want without resorting to a .info, avoid them – they really don’t inspire confidence sadly), however the possible rule changes will allow for more TLDs to be created. Whether or not the much fabled .xxx will actually come into existence remains to be seen, however the path has now been cleared if the companies and organizations involved can come to an agreement.

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