Jun 18 2009

Watermarking Soon?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 5:36 pm

I have been meaning to process all the images stored on this server for a while, and watermark them with this site’s name. Why? Because I see from my server logs that quite a few are used across the internet (often in Arabic forums and MySpace pages, for some reason), and if others wish to use these pictures, I’d like to get a free advert out of it as well 🙂
However, a family in America discovered another reason for branding their own photos – a Czech company (that specializes in sales of imported Italian food) had taken their happy family snapshot, and used it in their own promotional materials! See an article on it here.
Anyway, unless and until I get anywhere near hitting my monthly data transfer allowance with my web host, I’ll be happy to just watermark the pictures with ChrisMerriman.com, and not take the drastic last step of replacing the file with an identically named one featuring a goatse. (The idea being that on your own site, you update any references to the new filename of the original image). Don’t go and google that word, unless you have a strong stomach, and aren’t at work/in front of children right now.

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