Mar 01 2013

Videos To Make You Roll Your Eyes

Category: Kazakh Driving,VideosChrisM @ 2:04 pm

OK, so there are some Russian driving incidents in here as well, but I’ve not got a separate category for that!

Compilation of dashcam videos (titled as Russian, though I think a few are from other countries) –

Almaty (Kazakhstan’s old capital city) lane abuse (drivers deciding they are in too much of a rush to stay on their side of the road) –

Stopping Almaty lane abuse 🙂 (I’m impressed with the guy’s attitude, but unless he has a lot of money to pay for repairs, and a weapon in the car to scare off any nutters not wanting to return to their side of the road, I can’t help fearing for his safety) –

Aktau road rage (The bibib page seems to apportion blame a little one-sidedly in this one) –